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Buck Bunny Handmade Plush Toy

Sorry, but Stuffe & Nonsense are no longer able to take any orders. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Buck Bunny Handmade Plush Toy

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Stuffe & Nonsense are no longer operating and cannot accept orders. Pages for the plush figures we made are still online for reference. If you bought from us in the past, Thank You! We hope you have enjoyed the soft sculpture art.

This is a genuine jackalope. You may see a lot of false jackalopes, those made with bunny heads and deer antlers, but they're wrong. Anyone who's spent much time in the wilds west of the Mississippi knows that the true jackalope is a cross between a jackrabbit and a pronghorn, one of those mysteries of nature that we don't examine too closely. They can be seen on postcards being ridden by crazy cowboys, sitting in the brush looking enigmatic, or bounding along the back roads and highways just when it's getting dark or getting light. Because they're crepuscular (look that up in your Funk and Wagnalls) they're hard to see clearly, which is probably just as well.

I've heard rumors of a more coastal "jackalope", a cross between a jackrabbit and a tule elk, but I don't believe it. For starters, it'd be a jackanelk, or maybe a tulebit. And who'd believe a thing like that?

It will comfort jackalope lovers everywhere to know that no jackalopes were harmed in the making of our critters, nor were bunnies stuffed and mounted, nor discarded deer antlers employed. No, we use all unnatural materials in our jackalopes. Hell, it's the tradition.

More Stuffe & Nonsense Jackalope Lore available at our jackalope page.

This jackalope is made of synthetic plush, polyfill and plastic bead stuffing, cast resin horns. Ears are wired and posable. About 18 inches tall with ears erect.

Stuffe & Nonsense stuffed animals are soft sculpture artist original designs, individually hand crafted in California by the Stuffe Staff. Due to medical issues and other priorities, we no longer make our own stuffed animals. If you already have one of our toys, we hope you treasure it.

The animals were constructed of mohair, wool, alpaca or high-quality synthetic fur. We have been accused of taxidermy, but be assured that all of our animals are fake! They are stuffed mainly with polyetheylene fiberfill; we may use glass or plastic beads to add weight. Faces are needle-sculpted for detailed shaping.

Stuffe & Nonsense Stuffemals often use glass eyes or include small costume parts and are not generally recommended for young children. If you do want one of our stuffemals for a small child, be sure to state so when ordering. Then we can be sure to use only safety eyes and avoid any problematic parts or materials.

Stuffe & Nonsense is an artisan business and every figure is an individual creation. We do not have a large inventory of materials, the available plush and fabrics vary, and we do adjust patterns to improve shape or details from time to time. We will sometimes have stuffemals on hand but will more likely need to make your figure on order. Completion time for stuffemal orders is usually 2 to 8 weeks, though it can take longer if we're busy and you're not in a hurry. This business is run in our so-called spare time so work hours are subject to extreme variation.