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Kitsune, Red Japanese Fox Spirit Plush Doll

Sorry, but Stuffe & Nonsense are no longer able to take any orders. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Kitsune, Red Japanese Fox Spirit Plush Doll

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Stuffe & Nonsense are no longer operating and cannot accept orders. Pages for the plush figures we made are still online for reference. If you bought from us in the past, Thank You! We hope you have enjoyed the soft sculpture art.

Kitsune are from Japanese legends and folk tales. They're spirits in the form of foxes, who sometimes masquerade as humans and generally enjoy playing tricks. Sometimes they're just mischievous; sometimes they're terribly malevolent. They can live as a person for a long time without being discovered, unless someone notices their tails slipping out from under their kimono. In one type of popular kitsune story, the kitsune appears as a lovely young lady who lures young men into the woods, from which they return many years later if at all. We make kitsune in white, black or red, and sometimes in grey.

Like the Egyptian gods, kitsune are an obvious choice for plush characters. There's already a well-defined animal -- all we have to do is make it and dress it (the easy part, right?). Kitsune are traditionally white, but we began making them in other fox colors after purchasing Theresa Mather's "Secret Sisterhood" at Further Confusion in 2000.

The Kitsune in stories range from mischievous to downright homicidal, but we prefer to think of ours as evincing deviltry. As kitsune age, they grow more tails. We've made a few two-tailed kitsune, but prefer not to trifle with the more experienced ones, so ours normally have just the one tail.

Made of fine synthetic plush or mohair with polyfill stuffing. 18 inch tall jointed doll. Fabric and colors of kimonos vary.

Stuffe & Nonsense Stuffemal plush dolls and animal character figures are original soft sculpture designs, individually hand crafted in California by the Stuffe Staff. Due to medical issues and other priorities we no longer make plush toys and have left the web images live just for reference. If you already have one of our creations, we hope you treasure it. Sorry, but we do not know of anyone doing similar work.

Construction and material details vary depending on our design goals for the character involved and the materials on hand. The plush figures are constructed of mohair, wool, alpaca or high-quality synthetic faux fur. Clothing and costume are also hand-made by Stuffe & Nonsense; jewelry and props are from diverse sources. Stuffe & Nonsense Stuffemals often use glass eyes or small parts and are not suitable for young children.