Stuffe & Nonsense Hand-made Stuffed Animals Dolls and Anthropomorphic Figures
Plush Dolls and Anthropomorphic Creations
Stuffe & Nonsense Handmade Plush Dolls and Anthropomorphic Creations
Stuffe & Nonsense Handmade Stuffed Animals
Stuffe & Nonsense Handmade Stuffed Animals

The Stuffe Staffe

Chief Executive Officer : 
Candace S. Martinez

Candy creates most of the fashion clothing for morphs, does most of the cutting and assembly for our stuffed animals, and is a major contributor to the cutting and assembly of morphs. Candy does most of the selection, design and assembly of Stuffe & Nonsense jewelry. She also handles the purchasing, bookkeeping, shipping, and harassment of the other officers.

Visit Candy's personal web site at Eurypterid Chowder. More about Candy here at Stuffe & Nonsense, too.

Chief Technical Officer : 
Warren L. Brown

Warren does the pattern creation for morphs, most of the cutting and assembly for morphs, and is a major contributor to the creation of stuffed animals. He also tends all the various hardware we use.

More about Warren.

Chief Financial Officer: 
Second-Hand Smoke

Smoke worries about the company's financial position. He doesn't actually do anything about it, he just worries. When we get a visitor Smoke figures it must be an audit team from the IRS and disappears until the intruders leave.

Internal Security: 
Raven Kreke's Millennium Falcon ("Han")
1/1/2000 - 12/5/2007

Han at least looked the part for security. Actually he was more of a 90-pound lap dog, but with 8-inch jaws, 3-inch teeth and a really convincing bark he put in all the proper appearances for a Killer Doberman.

More about Han.

Reception and Agent of Entropy: 

Nebel greets all visitors at the door and will not allow entry until they demonstrate an ability to pet cats. His other duties include shredding paper and cardboard, knocking objects off of shelves and tables, and randomly attacking anything that moves or doesn't.

More about Nebel.

Inventory Control: 

Sunspot spends as much time as possible burrowing into the Stuffe & Nonsense inventory of fake fur to keep it under control by napping on it. Sunspot has extraordinarily dense fur and sheds enough for any two cats. He's also very cuddly, and only a little bit inclined to use his claws too much. He's also called the "Evil Marshmallow" because he's colored rather like a not-quite-toasted marshmallow, and because he's evil to the other cats.

No Earthly Use at All: 

Eclipse is also known as BFHD, for "Big Fat Hairy Deal". He's the newest addition to the local menagerie, and is very black, very long-haired, and profoundly stupid. This cat doesn't have behaviors, he has tropisms: move toward food, move toward comfy spot, move away from dog. One of his preferred comfy spots is on the work table right behind Warren's sewing machine. He's very tolerant, and will stay in his preferred spot through all sorts of prodding and pushing. His fur is soft; he's pretty sweet; and after some initial histrionics he's getting along reasonably well with the other cats.

For the insatiably curious, here's a short history of Stuffe & Nonsense.